Coding, Music and Math Concepts Integration

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Daily casual conversations with my students often guide me how to design units that are relevant for them. Part of any unit planning preparation is considering interests, concerns and inquiries of students that had arisen from these informal discussions or formal reflection feedback after a unit. Some of these essential questions that I considered during the planning process were:

1. How can I encourage deeper understanding of the concepts that is more encompassing and not subject-specific?

2. What opportunities can I give my students so that they can learn the musical skills and concepts while enjoying things that they like to do and not being intimidated or stressed out learning how to understand music?

3. How can I be more inclusive for students who do not know how to play any instrument or has not had any musical background or interest to learn music?


This specific sample unit was designed for the Year 5 students who were highly musical, creative and critical thinkers. In addition to being musically inclined, they showed interest in games (specifically Minecraft), Math, sports and the Arts. Although they had one experience with blocks coding visa, this was their first coding activity wherein they have to use their own algorithm.


In addition to the coding program SCRATCH, each student was given chosen music sheet to code. Choices for music selection was provided, but then students made a personal choice based on the challenge that they would like to take on.


The music unit intends the student to practice notation and understands musical phrases in the context of coding.

Musical skills: reading notation, listening and identifying same and contrasting phrases

Integrated concepts

MATH: Fractions, Functions, Patterns

Computing: Loops, Variables, Sequences


Here is an overview excerpt of the planner with the objectives

A. Pre-Activity

It's good to start with unplugged activities first so students can have a sense of coding in a very simple way.

Coding Graph

By using arrows (left,right,up,down) students shaded boxes to show an image