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South of Manila, Philippines


Contact No: +63 9950808422

Online Piano Lessons

Features of free online lessons:

  • Sequential

  • Music theory embedded

  • Practice support materials and apps recommendations are included

  • Promotes understanding to facilitate learning of other musical instruments and independence 

  • TESTED for years in the music classroom and one-on-one music tutorials

Piano Exercises
Warm-up finger exercises for beginners
Basics of Piano Playing
Introduces one to the basic essentials of piano playing. Basic music theory like reading notes, rhythm and many more are included.
Easy Piano Songs
Short melodic excerpts of pop and classical music for your treble clef (right hand) practice.
Easy Piano Chords (available soon)
Describe your image.
Pop Piano 101 (available soon)
This lesson will help you understand pop music so that you can easily play by ear, play-along with others or even create a mash-up or compose your own music.
Jazz & Blues Piano 101 (soon...)
The lessons will lead you to learn the art of improvisation. Get to know more chords, including scales and progressions used in jazz music.
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