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"When children can imagine, they can envision solutions to problems. They can imagine what it’s like to be someone or something else, which helps develop empathy. They can find answers to the question, “What if?” And they can plan full and satisfying futures. For children, creativity is also important because it means there is no one right answer, which provides them opportunities to succeed. This, in turn, fosters feelings of mastery and enhances self-concept."  - Rae Pica 

Young children are encouraged to improvise and create.   It's a potential that every child has, or even with older students,  but because there were no opportunities or experienced mentor to nurture this, most of these students have become dependent on playing what they read on a piece of music.

Newbie (1st month)

Improv on Black Keys

Developing confidence (After a few more sessions...)


Developing Literacy (5 years old on phonological awareness)

Comfortable Zone

Unicorns n Siena
Practice Performances
River Flows

New Age  Music

World Music

Classical Music

Pop Music

All  audio and videos are organic.  Sharps 'n Flats respect the right of students to be safe online by not posting their faces and identity.

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