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The Unintentional Mistake

Blog Author: Alexia Jamora (student)

Collaborating with another student online was an idea that I liked and agreed to when teacher messaged me. I have been practicing the piece multiple times because I think we were supposed to perform it but the situation didn’t permit us to do so. I was game to have the duet because I am really curious how it works and it’s very interesting because I saw some artists who do the same now given the circumstance. On my side, as enticed as I was, I was also hesitant at first. I had worries that I may not do well and that I would end up making a mistake. Also, because I was an introvert, I thought it would be really hard for me to communicate my concerns and ask questions. However, it was helpful that teacher would always message me, give me her feedback, and also provided video of her playing the piece. And so, I based on that. I would practice it when I had time after my classes and I filmed it when the other video was sent.

Filming was also a challenge because there are noises in my house that is hard to contain and when it turned quiet it would be the time that I would make an unintentional mistake. I recorded a lot that in the end, it was difficult for me to choose the right one. I was happy when I heard the edited version because it took efforts for us to be able to do it. I’m amazed by Jaz and I applaud her for doing a great job.

If there is another chance for us to collaborate again, I will take note of my previous mistakes and practice to improve more and also learn to communicate more often.

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