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Electric Piano
guitar close up
Music is like language wherein TIME and PRACTICE are essential.
The   Soloist   

A personalized approach to learning music through one-on-one private music lessons. A session leads you to the basic foundation of instrument playing. Music theory, exercises, improvisation and collaborative performances are all part of this program. An ideal program for both solo beginners and intermediate.

Available for: Piano, Guitar 


Ideal Level: Beginners & Intermediate

Learning Mode: In person or ONLINE

Duration: 45-60 minutes per session


Mode: Monthly 

  The Jammers  
Perfect for Playgroup Activities

This program is perfect for spending fun and productive time with friends. The group sessions aim to connect the different musical abilities in a performance through listening and teamwork.

Pieces are arranged according to the level ability of each member. This will be a good treat for you and your friends to hangout and make music together.  

Available for: *Piano, *Guitar, Ukulele, Drums,

                         Violin, Flute, Voice

Ideal Level: Late Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Learning Mode: In person 

No. of Students: 3 - 6 per session (your circle)

Duration: 60 minutes per session for 4 weeks (1 month)

* This is best to combine with simultaneous individual lesson. The jammer sessions are meant to bring the different parts together.

Note: Other instruments like drums, flute, violin and others may have private individual lessons from another teacher expert.

The Duo  
A perfect bonding moment with your loved ones

This program is perfect for developing musicality through social and music interaction with your parents, siblings or friends. It aims to develop listening skills, focus and teamwork among students who are used to performing on their own. Pieces are arranged according  to your unique ability. The arrangement gives you the opportunities to lead and support at the same time no matter what level you are in.

Available for: Piano, Guitar or any possible combinations


Ideal Level: Late Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Learning Mode: In person 


Minimum No of Students: 2 per session

Duration: 60 minutes per session 

Mode: Monthly

Educational Workshops & Consulting

This service is offered to public/private school organizations who need support in the following areas:

  • Teachers' Professional Development 

      - instructional strategies

       - technology integration

       - music & movement integration

       - early reading developmental strategies

       - design of teacher instructional materials

       - assessment tasks and criteria

       - conceptual approach to learning and teaching

       - physical education, arts , music curricular/co-

         curricular development

  • Curriculum Development

       - alignment

       - scope and sequence

       - teaching, writing & assessments

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