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ONLINE learning for everyone has its own language and processes.  Shifting to online would require some modifications and adjustments in the program so that the child can still learn in this unique environment, without compromising his safety, and need to interact, move and play.

Parental Involvement
- Parental guidance and support during and after the session (you will need to join in the class until your child feels safe and
  becomes familiar with our routine)
- Setting up the audio, video requirements before and during the lessons
- Helping your child access the materials online for referencing and practice ( listening audio, visual support, videos etc)
- Preparing your child's materials based on the advanced notices from your teacher (mostly manipulatives, toys)
- Printing of music sheets (if provided by your teacher) so that it is supportive of your child's print awareness development
If you are ready to be part of your child's early journey in music...
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