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The Program

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After years of training preschool teachers, doing read aloud music and movement activities in several private and public pre-schools, and pioneering the Early Years Piano program with appropriate learning practices, we are now offering this unique program in small groups. 

The program believes in promoting literacy through music and movement, encouraging young kids to explore, listen, think, move, and create.


To ensure optimum learning, we provide

1. OPPORTUNITIES to practice after the 

    "live" session (exclusive online access

     to the lesson resources)


2. ACTIVE experiences during and after

    the "live" session

3. DYNAMIC lessons that respond to the

    interests and needs of the specific


4. Parental EDUCATION on how the  

    activities support the developmental

    areas of your child.





Schedule:  FULL ( at this time) 


Frequency: once a week 

Class Size: maximum of 10

Mode of Payment:  Bank Deposit (BDO, BPI)


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