Music Streaming for Teaching
A unique collection of songs appropriate for early years to primary teaching.
Songs for Teaching
a collection of songs for use in the classroom
Music and Movement Activities
Sample music and movement activities for an active classroom.
Video Resources for Teaching
Resources that can be sued by students and teachers to learn concepts and strategies.
Active Reading Resources
Sites and Apps that will support reading
Move and Learn
Active movement activities supportive of early years motor skills development
The Whole Child
Resources to meet the different learning challenges of our students
Podcasts (Teaching Strategies)
A compilation of educational podcasts that support movement, reading, music and special education interests.
Early Years Coding Apps & Resources
Coding resources that focuses on unplugged coding and promoting literacy development among young learners.
Ukulele, Piano & Guitar Music Tools (chord charts, tuner)
Tools that you need to learn and play with different instruments to accompany your students in the classroom.
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